Posted: 12/02/2020

Livingston County Catholic Charities provides mental health and substance abuse outpatient counseling, senior outreach, adult day, substance abuse prevention, volunteer caregiver and parish ministry services for members of the public.  The Contractor will assist with the daily operation of the Be Our Guest Adult Day Service program, providing a safe caring and stimulating environment to dementia specific older adults and physically, cognitively or emotionally disabled participants.

The Contractor is required to have a current Registered Nursing License and experienced as a professional in the provision of activities within these services (copy of curriculum vitae, diploma and license attached), and
The Contractor will provide Registered Nursing Services for LCCC and its clients upon the following terms and conditions:
DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES:  The Contractor agrees to provide, for the Be Our Guest Adult Day Program services:
Work with families to obtain current medical evaluation
Programmatic consultation
Quality and utilization review services
Client Care Planning
Staff Education and In-services
Medication Services
Days and times varies (usually mutually agreed schedule): 10 – 14 hours’ monthly
These services shall be performed at the Be Our Guest Adult Day facility.
INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR:  It is understood between the parties that the Contractor is an independent contractor and is not eligible for benefits as described within the Employee Policy and Procedure Manual of the Corporation.  However, the Contractor agrees to abide by the Professional Code of Conduct, Recipients Rights Policy, Confidentiality Policy and other policies and procedures, including all client and program record forms.
COMPENSATION:  The Contractor agrees that Registered Nursing services provided under this agreement will be compensated at the rate of $35.00 per hour. Payment will be provided within fifteen (15) days upon receipt of each invoice. 
 INSURANCE:  The Contractor agrees to maintain Medical Malpractice Professional – Liability Insurance that covers all activities within this contract and names the Corporation as an additional insured.  (A copy of Contractor’s medical malpractice - professional liability coverage is attached.)  The Contractor will keep the Corporation fully up to date of any and all changes to this coverage.
RECORDS:  All records and program materials provided by the Corporation are the property of the Corporation and will be maintained by the Corporation at its facility.  Materials and records of a confi­dential nature will not be removed, copied or made available in any way to any individual or organization outside the Corporation without written approval of the Corpora­tion.
AUTHORITY:  The Contractor shall have no right to make a contract or commitment for, or on behalf of, the Corpora­tion.  The Executive Director of the Corporation is the only person authorized to alter this agreement on behalf of the Corporation.  Any amendments or alterations to this agreement shall be in writing signed by both parties.
The Contractor and the Corporation agree to act solely within the terms of this contract and independent of any and all other relationship(s) that may occur, current or in the future.
Either party may terminate this agreement, with 30 days’ notice, with or without cause.