Inspired Creations Dance Studio LLC

Inspired Creations Dance Studio LLC


Dance Art & Education

About Us

Our mission is to share and instill a love for dance while providing quality dance training for students interested in taking daytime or evening dance classes. We inspire our students to express themselves through movement in a positive and nurturing environment while focusing on building a strong technical foundation from the alignment, strength training, and correct body placement learned from Ballet technique. Proper execution of foundational steps in all dance techniques allows the dancer to be successful. Students will be provided with opportunities to advance in their training through leveled classes so that all dancers can dance at a level best suited for them.

Our goal is to use dance as a creative way to share our faith and bring joy into the lives of others while providing performance opportunities for both our dancers and community. We have a Christian background and promote the use of family-friendly music and costuming. We value a kind and welcoming environment for all students from all backgrounds and believe every student has something to offer. Therefore, it is our goal is to provide students with the tools they need to be successful by identifying and trying to meet the specific needs of each student the best we can. We urge students to strive for their personal best and to encourage one another both inside and outside of the classroom. The values instilled in our students from their experience at ICDS can be taken with them the rest of their lives.