Livingston Diversity Council



About Us

The Livingston Diversity Council is a grass- roots 501c3 nonprofit organization of business people, private citizens, educators, government officials and clergy who live and/or work in Livingston County. We embrace and advocate for the virtues of diversity, equity, inclusion and access within and for our community.
Our mission: To be a change agent for diversity, equity, inclusion, and access that collaborates, educates and empowers to build a thriving community.
Our vision: Livingston County will be a transformative community that embraces and empowers all people for their uniqueness and contributions.
What we do:
* Host community events to increase awareness and exposure
* Provide educational workshops to businesses, organizations and the Livingston County community
* Collaborate with local and State partners to ensure that ALL voices are heard
*Advocate for positive social change


Cultura - A Celebration of Music, Art & Food
Cultura - The Inaugural Event
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