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Concrete Restoration/Leveling

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MI Concrete Lifting Inc offers solutions to common concrete slab issues such as trip hazards, incorrect slope, poor drainage, erosion, voids, and settling. Concrete Lifting / Leveling is accomplished by hydraulically injecting a new base material as a slurry through 1" holes to fill cavities and push the concrete up by building pressure within the base. Erosion, settling and weeds can be prevented by caulking expansion joints, control joints and cracks on concrete driveways with a commercial grade Self Leveling Polyurethane called Sikaflex. Sika Polyurethane is applied to Sika specifications and remains flexible even in below freezing temperatures preventing excessive water from traveling through the base of your driveway. The concrete lifting service can be applied to driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, patios, porches, pool decks, servicewalks or any concrete slab you can think of. MI Concrete Lifting Inc has the necessary licensing required by law, Company Builders License # 262000215 and is fully insured to protect your home and your home improvement investment. We provide free concrete inspections and repair estimates promptly and professionally across Southeast and Central MI.


Concrete Lifting Process
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Sinking steps are our specialty! Lift your step back to its original height!
City Sidewalk trip hazards can result in injuries to the general public, fix them promptly!
A Company Builders License is required for all residential repairs over $600.
A downspout can wash out substrate leaving a sunken slab, lifting is the perfect repair!
Small settling issues can result in poor drainage, lifting is fast and permanent.

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