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Michigan International Prep School opened in the fall of 2017 and serves students all across Michigan in grades K-12. We are very proud to be a statewide cyber school and offer our students and families a rigorous academic program coupled with peak flexibility so students can pursue personal interests and passions while not busy with their schoolwork. Any family within the state of Michigan can enroll their student in our school. This allows us to serve students from potentially every community in our state. Something that sets us apart from other statewide cyber schools is that we have 5 Learning Labs across the state (Howell, Detroit, Saginaw, Sandusky, Ortonville) which are open Monday-Friday for students to come in as often as they would like to meet with their mentor, get course support from their teacher(s), and to work alongside other students. The mission of Michigan International Prep School is to provide a 21st century education that taps into the affinity of each student so they will achieve their maximum potential, will be prepared to succeed in the global economy and will become self-directed lifelong learners.


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