How Howell, MI Businesses Can Use Software Technology as a Shield Against Cybercrime

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Cybercrime is escalating these days to the point where either we, ourselves, have been scammed online or we know of someone who has. That’s why it’s so important to be on top of your software so that you have the most current and up-to-date applications that can help ward off attacks from cyber-criminals. Furthermore, if you have a software development company supporting you every step of the way, your chances of falling into the trap of cybercrime will be drastically reduced. 


The Howell Area Chamber of Commerce explains how to go about using the services provided by companies like these to your advantage.


The Importance of Software


Software forms an integral part of the makeup of your computer system. Moreover, it can affect the functionality of your website by making it even more foolproof against cyberattacks. Other advantages of making sure your software is up-to-date include removing harmful bugs or viruses that can attack your computer system at random moments, updating existing features on your computer with the most current ones, as well as helping to prevent system freezes and crashes at the most inopportune moments.  


As far as updating existing features with more advanced software goes, it pays to invest in new technological developments that can actually end up simplifying your business process at the same time. For example, if your business is customer-driven, SuiteCRM is great software to have at your disposal when it comes to achieving your Customer Relationship Management goals. 


Another example worth mentioning is the healthcare industry. Here, the software certainly needs to be progressive and specialized to cater to the ever-changing requirements of the industry. That said, EHR integration services make accessing and managing health records from the top-down easier to do.     

Safeguarding Your Business Against Attacks

Although digital security might feel overwhelming, there are many small actions that you can take to protect your business - and your customers - against cybercrime. Here are a few common ways that are very effective preventative measures.

Perfect Your Passwords

Passwords are a highly effective deterrent when it comes to preventing cybercrime, provided they aren’t easy to access. Make a point to regularly change passwords across the board, and encourage employees to do the same. Avoid reusing passwords or opting for short passwords, which are easier for hackers to break.

Update Your Software

As mentioned before, software updates are there for a reason. Furthermore, antivirus software is mandatory for all types of businesses to prevent malicious software from accessing your computer system and wreaking havoc as a result.

Educate Your Staff

If your employees work online, then it only makes sense that they are equipped with the know-how to detect fraudulent activities from a mile away. Having a system security plan in place that the relevant people have access to is one way to ensure that your computer systems remain as secure as possible. Moreover, should a cyberattack occur, it should outline the protocols that should be adhered to reduce the severity of an attack if it happens to take place.


Password Protect Your Files

Don’t let unprotected files move through digital channels, like email. Instead, teach your employees how to convert files into PDFs in order to password protect them. Once the recipient has the file on their computer, they can then turn PDF to Word again in order to edit the file more easily. These conversion tools go both ways, so they can use them to switch the file formatting back and forth. However, when in PDF form, they will need to find the Protect option under Tools. Then, they will find Encrypt followed by Encrypt with Password. That simple step can help protect emailed files and important information.

What’s at Risk


Unfortunately, there are unthinkable risks involved as a result of a cyberattack, which is why the prevention thereof should not be left to chance. Some things you could stand to lose (apart from significant financial losses) include your reputation, and you could even be held liable for the neglect of your client’s confidential information too.

What to Do if You’re Attacked

Suppose, the unthinkable has occurred to your business, what do you do then? Firstly, you would need to have a recovery system at work to reduce the damages incurred. Herein, it should detail what to save first as a matter of priority, who’s responsible for what in the recovery process, and what the timeline is to enact the recovery operations. Furthermore, you may need to get the police involved to find the perpetrators, as well as notify clients if their confidential information has been tampered with.

Be Vigilant

In summary, if cybercrime hasn’t already happened to you, then it’s bound to. Therefore, it is wise to ensure your computer systems are protected from the developmental stage throughout, so that there is no loophole that a cybercriminal can get through. Use simple strategies, like training on identifying phishing schemes and using password protection on emailed documents to reduce the likelihood of security breaches, too. 

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