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Equine assisted coaching (EAC) is a new modality where we partner with horses to help us look deep within ourselves to find those areas that are holding us back. Horses are very “present” and enable us to see who we are at that particular moment. What are we feeling that we are trying to mask from others? Horses allow us to see ourselves through their eyes which enable us to look within and search for answers to the things that are hindering our growth.

Your session with my horse coaches does not include riding the horse. Therefore no prior horse experience is required.

Your time with us will be spent observing the herd, grooming a horse or just sitting in the pasture with the horses allowing the weight of the world to disappear while enjoying being in nature. Horses do not judge. They will not have an agenda when you show up to the barn. What they will do is provide you the space to look within to identify those areas that are preventing you from moving forward either in your personal life or professional career. Once identified, we will work together to identify the answers to eliminating these roadblocks.



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