Dr. Michael F. Jermov, D.D.S.

Dr. Michael F. Jermov, D.D.S.



About Us

Many patients don’t realize that choices are made by the doctor regarding the quality of filling materials, medicaments, crowns and many other materials that are used and placed in patients. The choices range from high quality, durable and proven products to those of questionable origins and effectiveness. Doctor Jermov does not use crowns or prosthetics that are made outside of the United States, or products that may be of questionable, unproven quality. Your health is valued much more than that. Always feel free to ask about the products and materials we use.

The effects of dental health on the entire body have become more apparent over the past dozen years. Just as diabetes can affect circulation for example, so too can dental diseases affect the heart and brain. We’ll be happy to discuss this information with you at your appointment.

We welcome all new patients to our practice! In order to save time, please fill out the Pre-Visit forms, which can be conveniently downloaded from our website.Your personal one-on-one care is our goal, so please note any concerns that you may have and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

We built our new office in Howell, MI completely from the ground up and opened in 2008.

Inside you'll find plenty of art and character to keep you comfortable while you visit us. Our building is also environmentally friendly as well!